The carte

The proximity of the Fish Market is key to the fact that Can Ros gets its supplies directly from the sea (look out for the tuna tartar or the Wild fish cacerole with potatoes and prawns). But the menu also draws from the mountains (watch out for the Porck panceta with calamar, white Sta. Pau beans and roasted sauce or the Angus fillet). And more still, it includes both concepts on the same dish as La Barceloneta is not in the Empordà (watch out for seafood and mountain dishes like Rice with cap-i-pota and langostines).

But Can Ros is also the home of rice dishes (the Arroz seco de gambas "LA PAELLA" deserves an ovation). Without forgetting a selection of snacks, maybe for groups (perhaps snails or fried fish, or the spicy potatoes so traditional of the district but now classified more politically correctly: before they went from “macho” to “poofy”, depending on the spiciness).