The restaurant



It was in 1908, or no, wait, that was the time when years went slowly, it's now when they go fast, in any case we are talking about more than a century ago when the Cid family took over a premises in La Barceloneta that would soon become a classical district tavern: Can Ros.

Tavern, that's what it was before.

No, not a bar.


What's the difference?

Well bars had coffee machines (Tavern + Coffee machine = Bar).

The name Can Ros comes from the fact that some of the Cids are redheads. The development from red (roig) to blonde (ros) has two theories:

1.    That red was badly viewed in the aftermath of the war (remember that the tale of Little red Riding Hood had to be “incarnated”).
2.    That “Can Ros” was easier to pronounce and so the name was left.